Easy Freezy - программа для безопасноого удаления приложения

Easy Freezy - программа для  безопасноого удаления приложенияWhy freeze rather than uninstalling or deleting? Deleting system apps / preinstalled apps / bloat can be a risky business. If you delete a crucial system file you might not be able to get the system back up in order to restore it, risking bricking your device! Freezing removes this risk… as long as you are able to hard reset your device (from stock recovery from example), then you can undo the effects of freezing, as the application’s state is held in your user settings. Even if you do manage to delete something without causing issues, doing so can hinder your ability to receive over-the-air updates in the future, as many updates perform an integrity check of the existing system before updating.

There are good reasons for freezing user installed apps too. I freeze and unfreeze apps when I want to have them available to use at short notice without having to reinstall them from the Market, but don’t want to have them potentially running in the background. Also, I freeze apps when I don’t want to use them at the moment but I want to be notified if an update becomes available in the Market (frozen apps still appear as ‘installed’ in the Market).

Easy Freezy is brand new and we’re keen to hear your feedback! If you have any questions, requests or issues, please get in touch – remember we can’t reply to your posts in the Market comments. We’ve designed the application to be as simple and effective as possible, but we want to give YOU the app that YOU want!
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